This website features several charts of recent and historic disaster events and their outcomes. You may browse the charts online or order hard copies.

Presently, we offer 5 charts:

  1. Terrorism Time Line: Major Focusing Events and U.S. Outcomes (2001-2008). The chart, which measures 13″x 40,” shows major focusing events by year and the influences that each event had on major outcomes- – reports and analyses; federal statutes, regulations and executive orders; federal response plans; and major federal organizational changes.
  2. Disaster Time Line: Major Focusing Events and U.S. Outcomes (1980-2008). This chart, also 13″ x 40″, contains information on natural, industrial/ technological, and biological events and their outcomes.
  3. Century Time Line, 1900-2005This is the companion chart for the book titled Emergency Management, the American Experience, 1900-2010; Claire B. Rubin, editor (284 pp.)
  4. Disaster Time Line for B.C. and Canada: Major Focusing Events and Outcomes (1917-2007). This chart covers 90 years of Canadian disaster history, showing major focusing events and their outcomes for the provinces and the nation.
  5. Earthquakes in CA, 1906-2008 – click here: CAEQ — a chart prepared for the California Seismic Safety Commission as part of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. It provides an Interesting example of innovative and sustained state level actions regarding earthquake hazards.

The charts are a great briefing/ teaching tool, and the report provides instructors and students with in-depth background information. (These products will save you months of research!)

We offer special prices for bulk purchases (20 copies of more) of these charts.

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